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Daemons Of Tzeentch Pink Horrors

Daemons Of Tzeentch Pink Horrors

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CAD$ 45.00
  • Description

    Gibbering nonsense with lunatic energy the luminescent Pink Horrors whirl and flail their arms, generating raw magic that fills the air. En masse, the Pink Horrors give rise to so much arcane force that they can hurl blasts of unnatural fire at the enemy. In combat the Pink Horrors use their powerful hands to choke and, should they be slain, they split in twain to form two Blue Horrors.

    This set contains ten multi-part, multi-limbed plastic Pink Horrors. This set includes all of the components needed to assemble a hornblower, an icon bearer (with immense, flaming Tzeentchian icon) and an Iridescent Horror, a champion who gleefully doles out death with his grasping hands.

    This kit comprises 55 components, and is supplied with 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

  • Details
    Part Code: 99129915032
    GW Barcode: 5011921077342
    Short Code: 97-12